HES - Health, environment and safety in new perspectives!

Thinking of using the official UN Sustainable Development Goals logo, color wheel, or 17 icons in your own communications materials? Great. They are free (and encouraged) for use for the purpose of promoting awareness of the goals. Download them in the six official UN languages here.  However, do make sure you follow the official guidelines.

Strengthening the HSE culture, in order to increase value creation
Long and short-term contract of HSE and quality consultants for projects or operations
HSE Coaching and guidance for HSE and management personnel, to increase the effect
Follow-up of subcontractors. Social responsibility as a competitive advantage
Efficient Follow-up of the requirements for the Construction Client Regulations
HSE and quality personnel for the various project phases
Do you follow the requirements in § 10-7; Requirements for software and computer systems? It can create unique motivation and growth!
Occupational hygienists with knowledge of Norwegian and international working environment. Performs risk assessments and initiates systematic HSE work.
HSE Campaigns can contribute to changes in attitudes and growth. But then the campaign must also have a clear profile and motivational opinion.

Over 30 years of experience with interface, quality and HES work in small companies and international corporates.

Senior Advisor

Quality, HES, Occupational hygien and Risk Management

Wenche Eikås


Over 30 years of experience with occupational hygien and HES work in small companies and international corporates.

Senior Consultant

HES, Occupational hygien and Risk Management

Saskia Wanders

2015-04-24 15.48.11_edited_edited.png

Risk assessment secretary. Ensuring control of work process and high quality deliveries. 

Document controller in different projects.

Project administration
Quality and Document controller 

JiYoung Yang


Over 20 years of experience with HES, risk and working with people. Work in small companies and international corporates. 

Manager / Senior Advisor

CSR, HES, Occupational hygien and Risk Management